What Performance Features are on the 2020 Toyota Prius?

July 24th, 2020 by

2020 Toyota Prius Performance Systems and Technologies

The 2020 Toyota Prius may not be the most powerful vehicle on the market today, but it certainly takes its place as one of the most efficient! This excellent compact model pushes out a ton of performance and efficiency improving features, letting you tackle the world without having to pay a ton of cash while doing so. Continue reading below to learn more about this excellent model!

2020 Toyota Prius Engine Details

The 2020 Toyota Prius has an excellent engine and hybrid system, giving it a ton of efficiency. This is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, one that pushes out 96 horsepower at the lower end without the addition of an excellent hybrid system. This 90kW hybrid feature takes the net power of your Toyota Prius up to 121 horsepower in total, as well as up to 105 lb-ft of torque.

This excellent engine isn’t all the 2020 Toyota Prius offers, however, it also delivers a ton of additional performance systems!

2020 Toyota Prius Performance Systems

The 2020 Toyota Prius has a ton of additional performance features, complementing the engine systems above to push you to even greater heights. This includes an excellent electronic all-wheel-drive, an on-demand compact system that’s available on the Toyota Prius. This makes it one of the only compact hybrids on the market that offers an all-wheel-drive technology!

Pairing with these great features and all they offer is the electronically controlled continuously variable transmission system of the Toyota Prius. This system offers additional performance, stability, and control for all drivers that get behind the Toyota Prius’ well!

So, if you’re looking for a vehicle that offers a ton of performance and efficiency, the 2020 Toyota Prius is the one for you! It’s a compact model that delivers a ton for you to enjoy. To learn more about this model and what it offers, or to take it for a test drive, contact our dealership today!

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