Sell Us Your Car in Ontario, CA

Thinking of trading in your car for a new one or just want to sell it?

Even if you don’t want to buy one of our cars for sale in Ontario CA, we want your vehicle! Used car inventory is at an all-time low and your car will never be worth this much again!
Make the trade-in process easy by using our simple estimator below to value your vehicle.



One common misconception about trading in your used vehicle is that you’ll lose a lot of money because of poor trade-in values. While that’s a pretty common experience car buyers face with other dealers, we at John Elway’s Crown Toyota make sure it doesn’t happen. We offer great trade-in values when you sell your car or trade-in your car with us. 

The first step is to value your trade using our free online appraisal tool to get an idea of your vehicle’s worth. There are plenty of great reasons to trade in your vehicle right now, especially when it’s with us. With inventory levels being so low, we need your car now more than ever! Your trade is worth big money today, so what are you waiting for?  

We’ll help you get rid of that old used car in need of repairs. It’s easy as heading on over to our service department for an estimate on the needed repairs. Once we know that cost, we’ll pay it when you trade in your car, so you don’t have to worry about it. Most other dealers use needed repairs to heavily impact your trade-in value – but not here at John Elway’s Crown Toyota.

If you choose to sell to a private party instead, you’ll need to pay the repair cost yourself first, or go through the difficulty of selling the car as is. Selling a car that needs repairs can be extremely difficult, but we make it easy. To get started, stop by our shop for a repair estimate.

There are other issues with choosing to sell to a private party as well. The process takes a lot of time and it’s highly likely you won’t get an offer as high as our trade-in value. You’ll have to research pricing, place ads, deal with shady phone calls and meet strangers in strange places, many of which may not buy your car in the end anyway. Selling a car can take months of hard work and hassle. If you’re trying to sell your car before a dealership incentive or special offer expires, trading in will save you the time you need to take advantage of them. Add that to the trade-in value, and there’s a combo that can’t be beat.

Arranging meetings with strangers can be dangerous, and Craigslist spam phone calls are no fun. Protect yourself and your assets. Don’t let strangers drive your car. Don’t ride alone with strangers. Don’t worry about dealing with shady or scamming buyers. Don’t keep bothering your friends to tag along just so you can feel comfortable. Bring your car into John Elway’s Crown Toyota in Ontario, near Claremont, and you’ll get a hassle-free, safe experience and an excellent trade-in value too.

The short of it is this: our trade in process will help you save money, avoid major repair costs, minimize effort, and offer a safe car selling experience. We offer the best trade-in values in the Inland Empire near Ontario, Claremont, and Riverside. We’ll help you get out of your old car and into a new Toyota. If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle instead, we’ll help you browse our used car dealership in Ontario to make sure you get behind the wheel of a ride that’s perfect for your lifestyle and budget. Either way, we’ll save you money on your next purchase. You can even sell us your car without purchasing another one. All you have to do is bring it by and let one of us know. We’ll quickly appraise your vehicle and give you a great offer.