Policy on floor-mats in Service

Dear Guest,

It is our duty to inform you that it is our safety policy to remove any
driver’s floor mats that can interfere with your vehicle’s pedal controls
such as but not limited to:

• Multiple stacked driver’s floor mats
• Non-vehicle specified driver’s floor mats
• Driver’s floor mats that can not be secured with the original factory

We will be putting all mats removed on the left rear floorboard or the
passenger floorboard. We apologize for any inconvenience this may
cause. Please understand that this is a safety policy that protects you, your
vehicle, and our associates who will be operating your vehicle.

Wheel Locks

Your vehicle has wheel locks. We are kindly asking you to locate the wheel
lock key and leave it in the cupholder. We will put the wheel lock key back
where you left it for us.

If you do not see your wheel lock key where you left it for us, please let
your service advisor know.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Thank You,

Service Management