Lease Return

When the term of your lease comes to an end, you have several options.  At John Elway's Crown Toyota, we know that this can be a very confusing and complicated process, so should you have any questions WHATSOEVER, please feel free to complete the information form at the bottom of this page or call us directly at (877) 387-5376.  We are here to help.

Buy or lease a new Toyota:

You may choose to either turn in your current leased vehicle, subject to certain conditions, or use it as a trade-in toward the purchase or lease of a new Toyota. Visit Crown Toyota today to see the latest models or call us at (877) 387-5376 for additional details on trading-in your leased vehicle.

Purchase your current vehicle using Toyota Finance programs or Allow a friend or family member to purchase your vehicle using Toyota Finance programs:

If you wish to continue driving the vehicle you are currently leasing our experienced team can help or if you ready for a new Toyota but your current vehicle is just too good to give up? Rather than turning it in, you can allow a friend or family member to purchase the vehicle you are currently leasing. Call us at (877) 387-5376 for additional details on our friend or family purchase options. 

If you are planning on returning your vehicle, here are a few helpful items you will need to complete before you do so:

Step 1.

Have Your Vehicle Inspected

45-60 days prior to the termination of your lease, you should have your vehicle inspected at Crown Toyota, we will provide a detailed estimate of any excess wear and use charges.

Step 2.

Contact Crown Toyota Service 

If your inspection report indicates repairs are necessary, we can often help with cost-effective repairs. Please retain all repair receipts so that they can be provided to confirm the repairs were made.

Step 3.

Schedule Your Turn-in Appointment

Once repairs (if any) have been made, please contact our finance department to schedule your turn-in appointment by calling us directly or completing the form below.

Step 4.

Turn-in Your Vehicle At John Elway's Crown Toyota

Bring all keys, alarm system key fobs, Owner's Manual, spare tire, and third-seat (if applicable) to your turn-in appointment and provide them to Crown Toyota upon vehicle return.

Lease Return


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