How do I Connect Apple CarPlay to my Toyota Vehicle?

June 30th, 2020 by

Apple CarPlay and Connecting to Toyota Models

When it comes to exceptional technologies that give you entertainment, infotainment, and connectivity, Apple CarPlay is one that stands out. This model offers a ton of technology benefits, letting you tackle the world without losing enjoyment no matter where you go. What does this feature offer you exactly? How do you connect it? Continue reading to find out!

Apple CarPlay Explored!

Apple CarPlay is one of the best features on the market today when it comes to an “all in one” type package. It offers a wide variety of benefits for drivers to enjoy, giving you access to navigation, music streaming, calling and messaging options, and more right in one place! It does this by allowing you to connect your compatible smartphone to your model and have access to its applications, letting you have further control.

This feature is found standard on many Toyota models, and as such it has a more or less universal way to connect it. Toyota’s even made a video explaining how to do so, something that we’ll show you below!

The video above is provided by Toyota and goes into greater detail on the Apple CarPlay system and how to connect it. Its the perfect resource for any curious driver!

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Overall, the Apple CarPlay system is one of the best picks for drivers on the market today, letting you have a ton of benefits in one place. To learn more about it or the models that feature it, contact our dealership today! We’ll be more than happy to give you a hands-on experience!

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