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Compare the Toyota Tundra to the Competition in Ontario CA

Trucks these days are all capable and rugged, no matter how you slice it, so to find your ideal match for life in West Covina, you need to look closer at the details. Read more about how the new Toyota Tundra compares to competitors like the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado 1500. Compare towing capacity, safety, and tech features of these popular trucks. If you're interested in learning more about the new Tundra, stop by our dealership to take a test drive today! To see how the smaller Toyota Tacoma compares to competitors, visit our Tacoma comparison page.

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The Toyota Tundra vs the Chevrolet Silverado 1500

  • Performance Choosing the Silverado, you'll get a weak base engine in Riverside, especially when you compare it to the power-packed V8 engine that is standard on the Tundra. The Tundra's base engine offers 310-horsepower, compared to the weaker Silverado engine that only offers 285-horsepower. 
  • Passenger Capacity The standard cab configuration of the Silverado only offers seating for three in Corona, the Tundra offers flexible seating for six adults. Plus, the Tundra has more front hip room than the Silverado, so you can be more comfortable no matter the distance.
  • Hauling If you choose the Silverado, you'll get the typical payload capacities you expect from your next truck, but the Tundra is the smarter choice for your next truck. With a payload capacity of over one-ton, you'll be able to haul whatever you need.
  • Towing It's often noted that the Silverado has a hearty towing capacity of over 12,000-pounds, but what they don't tell you, is that you have to upgrade your engine and features to get that number. The 10,200-pound towing capacity of the Tundra is standard! Plus, it comes with features like Trailer Sway Control, you can tow with confidence.
  • Safety Included standard on every new Tundra, is the Toyota Safety Sense system. This advance series of safety features provides the driver assistance technology that you need for your family and lifestyle needs. 
  • Technology Toyota's Entune infotainment system comes standard on the new Tundra, so you can enjoy all the entertainment features you want with your truck. Upgrade your Entune for even more features like navigation. The infotainment system on the Silverado is sometimes difficult to use and lacks the intuitive functioning and easy to use menus that you get with the Tundra. 
Chevy Silverado

The Toyota Tundra vs the Ford F-150

  • Performance Like with the Silverado, the F-150 has a disappointing base engine. You have to upgrade past it to get the performance and features you need, which of course means spending more of your money on it. 
  • Passenger Capacity To get seating for six, you have to upgrade to a different cab size, while the Tundra comes standard with seating for six. You'll also enjoy the comfortable and upscale-feel the interior provides. To get a high-quality interior, you need to pay a pretty penny for the upper-level F-150 trims. 
  • Hauling Much like the Silverado, you have to upgrade your F-150 to get a better payload capacity, but you'll be satisfied with the hauling capabilities of the Tundra, able to hold things like dirtbikes and more with ease.
  • Towing The F-150 might boast a high towing capacity, the Tundra has a higher base towing capacity than the F-150, so if you're on a budget, choose the Tundra to meet your lifestyle and budget needs.
  • Safety Ford offers safety features, both passive and active, but you won't get the advanced features you'll enjoy with the Tundra, like the impressive suite of safety systems from Toyota Safety Sense. 
  • Technology If you're looking for value, the Tundra is your smart choice. The base level F-150 doesn't even offer simple features like power windows and cruise control, so you almost always have to upgrade and spend more than the low base price offered. You'll also have to pay more to get a comparable infotainment system to the Entune system offered on the Tundra. 
Ford F-150
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