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See How the Toyota Tacoma Beats the Competition in Ontario, California

No matter how you look at it, the Toyota Tacoma is a well-rounded option for your next light-duty truck. We want to take the confusion and frustration out of your truck shopping experience. We took popular models and compared them against the Toyota Tacoma to give you an easy way to reference all the important features you want and need from your next compact truck.

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The Toyota Tacoma vs The Chevrolet Colorado

  • Performance: The three engine options of the Colorado offer a variety of features, but they're all essentially the same. The turbo-diesel engine offered on the Colorado is the way to get the best towing, but if diesel isn't your thing, you have to stick with less towing. The Tacoma doesn't have a diesel engine option, but still handles towing and hauling with ease. The Tacoma beats out the Colorado in off-road performance especially. 
  • Towing and Payload Capacities: The Tacoma does have a slightly lower towing capacity than the Colorado, but that doesn't mean it wins in every area. The Tacoma has a better payload capacity than the Chevy Colorado, so if hauling is more your thing in West Covina, the Tacoma is a better choice.
  • Price: The Colorado might come in at a lower price, there's a good reason for that. The base model has almost nothing to it, and to get any of the features you really want, you jump the price up a surprising amount, surpassing the Tacoma in a lot of areas.
  • Interior Features: Where the Colorado really falls short is interior technology. With no infotainment system standard, you have to pay a pretty penny to get the available infotainment touchscreen. If you do choose to upgrade to it, be prepared for finicky menus and buttons, unlike the intuitive and easy to use Entune infotainment system on the Tacoma.
  • Safety: The Chevrolet Colorado falls short when it comes to safety features. With lower crash test ratings than the Toyota Tacoma, the risk is higher of injury when you choose the Colorado. You'll have to pay more to get the safety features of the Tacoma.
Chevy Colorado

The Toyota Tacoma vs the Honda Ridgeline

  • Performance: The Honda Ridgeline is good in a lot of ways, but falls short in many traditional truck areas that drivers of Corona need. If you want better hauling and towing, choose the Toyota Tacoma. The Honda has plenty of bells and whistles, but fails to meet many of the reasons why most drivers buy a truck.
  • Towing and Payload Capacities: The Tacoma beats out the Ridgeline in towing with an impressive 6,800-pound capacity when well equipped, compared to the Ridgeline's max of 5,000-pounds. The Ridgeline can also only haul 1,580-pounds, compared to the Tacoma's 1,620-pound capacity.
  • Price: The Honda Ridgeline comes in with a much higher starting price when compared to the base line Toyota Tacoma. Without adding many more amenities and features. The Ridgeline will exceed many budgets once you start climbing trims and adding features, making the lower price point of the Tacoma even more appealing in Riverside. 
  • Interior Features: The Tacoma can seat up to six, depending on the cab configuration, while the Ridgeline can only seat five. While the Ridgeline likes to tout its roominess and legroom space, you have to remember that it's only seating five adults, so if you like to bring your friends, or load up the family, the Tacoma is for you. 
  • Safety: The Tacoma and Ridgeline both perform well in crash test ratings and availability of driver assistance features. A rear-view backup camera is standard on both, but when you consider how much you'll have to pay to get the same features of the Tacoma, your money is better spent with Toyota.

Come see and experience the quality and performance of the new Toyota Tacoma for yourself with a test drive with us at John Elyway's Crown Toyota in Ontario, CA!

Honda Ridgeline
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