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Vehicle maintenance isn't something that any driver looks forward to, but it is vital in making sure your model is running as it's supposed to. Well, beyond making reliable cars, trucks, and SUVs, Toyota is looking to change vehicle service with its ToyotaCare program. ToyotaCare comes with every new Toyota model you buy or lease at no extra cost to the shopper, and it makes for an easier time enjoying your new Toyota without maintenance interruptions! ToyotaCare covers many important services for your vehicle, which you can learn about when you keep reading or watch the short video above!

How Does ToyotaCare Cover Scheduled Maintenance for Your New Toyota?

Every vehicle needs maintenance to make sure all parts are working together, and ToyotaCare covers maintenance on many of the most essential parts. Our Toyota-trained technicians can change out your engine oil and filter, inspect your fluid levels, rotate your tires, and give your new Toyota a multi-point inspection, all free of charge! Plus, we use genuine Toyota parts for all service through ToyotaCare.

Other ToyotaCare Benefits

ToyotaCare strives to make maintaining your Toyota simple, and we'll even send you timely reminders of upcoming service and keep a history of your visits so that you always know what you got the last time you were here. ToyotaCare even covers you if you run into a problem on the side of the road as 24-hour roadside assistance comes free of charge for the first two years after buying a new Toyota from us. We can help you jumpstart your car, replace a blown tire, or get into your Toyota if you've locked yourself out!

So, the ToyotaCare maintenance schedule has many benefits, and they all come at no extra cost to you. This all makes enjoying your new Toyota model or Toyota lease that much easier, and if you have more questions about ToyotaCare, you can always reach out to our dealership!

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