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At John Elway's Crown Toyota, we seek to make shopping for a new car as simple as possible, and we know that one area that trips up many car shoppers is the terms used throughout the process. There are a variety of ways to describe cars and the financing process that comes with them as well as acronyms you're sure to run into along the way. Well, we've decided to highlight and explain some of those auto terms you're likely to see, so see our glossary of commonly used automotive terms below if you're looking for answers!

What Are Some Terms You'll See When Car Shopping?

Car Part Terminology

  • Engine Displacement: An engine's displacement tells you the size of the engine and more specifically how much volume the engine's cylinders displace. Tip: Often, the more displacement, the more power.
  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer refers to the various car brands, so Toyota is an OEM, and this term often refers to auto parts. We use genuine Toyota OEM parts that were made specifically for your Toyota!
  • Active Safety Features: These are any safety features that the driver interacts with, from brakes to the driver-assist systems of Toyota Safety Sense packages.

Auto Financing Terminology

  • APR: Annual Percentage Rate deals with the amount charged on the money you're borrowing for your car loan, so the lower the APR, the better the deal.
  • Lease: When you lease a car, the title remains under the dealer, so a lease is an agreement between you and us with a specified time period and agreed-upon amount paid.

General Car Shopping Terms to Know

  • GAP Insurance: When you take out a loan on a car, there may be a period where the amount owed on your loan is greater than the value of your car. Guaranteed Assurance Protection (GAP) insurance covers you in an accident if your other insurance can't cover the amount you still owe.
  • BCA/BVA: A Borrowed Car/Vehicle Agreement lets you, the prospective car buyer, test out one of our cars for a specified time so that you can make sure it's the right Toyota for you. Think of it as a longer test drive where you have it to yourself.
  • Warranty: There are often two types of warranties, bumper-to-bumper and powertrain. The former covers repair costs of items that break from normal use, like a seat belt, while the latter covers your engine, transmission, and other vital parts of the powertrain.

Of course, these don't cover every single term you're likely to see as you shop our new and used car inventories in Ontario, CA, but if you have questions about what something means, our team has the answers for you!

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