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Reliability is a trait that Toyota models specialize in, and it goes far beyond the high-quality materials making up your sedan, crossover, or truck. It's easy to feel confident when behind the wheel of a Toyota because of how every model prioritizes safety, and newer models accomplish this with a variety of driver-assist systems. From blind spot monitoring to parking sensors, these features watch your surroundings for you, but they can also keep an eye on another important part: the driver.

The video above talks about this Take a Break system in Toyota models, which we also cover below!

How Does Your Toyota Look Out for You?

If you've ever looked at the driver info display in the instrument cluster of your Toyota and seen a coffee cup icon with a "take a break" warning, you've already benefited from the Vehicle Sway Warning system. Part of the Lane Departure Warning system, your Toyota will tell you to take a break if you're swerving over lanes, which is a sign of drowsiness.

Fatigue can build up on longer trips, and if the Toyota safety system senses repeated lane drifts or sharp steering wheel turns after a long stretch of inattentiveness, it will beep and flash a warning. If on the screen you see a coffee cup in your Toyota, it's probably time to pull over and get out to stretch or get some caffeine in your system.

Learn More on the Toyota Safety Measures of Your Vehicle

The Take a Break program is just one of the many ways your Toyota is looking out for you, and we think many drivers could benefit from such driver aids. If you'd like to learn all about the brilliant safety measures of your Toyota car, truck, or SUV, then swing by our dealership!

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