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We love seeing happy customers, and with our tremendous selection of new Toyota models and used vehicles, we get to see a lot of those happy customers. Of course, having an incredible inventory isn’t the only reason we see lots of smiles at our dealership as customers love our One Price. Simple, No Games approach to pricing our offers.

If you search the #OnePrice or #NoGames hashtags on Instagram or Facebook, you'll see tons of pictures of excited customers at our dealership standing in front of a beautiful new Toyota model, so go search those and see below about what these hashtags mean!

How Is Our Approach to Vehicle Pricing Different and Better Than Others?

Other car dealers expect their customers to haggle with them, so they mark up the price, which means you can’t always expect a fair deal even after going through the negotiation process. What we do is take the amount that customers actually end up paying for their vehicle and put that on our offers. No games, just competitive prices without having our salespeople try and lock you in at a higher price than what others are paying.

Why do our customers enjoy this approach to car sales? Well, buying a new vehicle is a major decision that can impact you for years, which is why having confidence in your purchase and a friendly team to work with is essential. Our One Price guarantee inspires confidence because you know your neighbor isn’t getting the same model as you for less, and we don’t change our prices as much, so you don't have to worry about making a decision right now. Plus, you'll spend less time at our dealership and more on the open road in your new Toyota!

Be sure to look up those hashtags on Facebook and Instagram to see our happy customers, and call if you have any questions about our pricing or inventory!

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