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You may be wondering why tire rotation and maintenance is so important. Why do many dealerships and mechanics stress the need to rotate your tires every so often? Is it really necessary? What is the importance of tread depth and why is it necessary to replace the tires once they reach a certain point? This post will help explain these concepts.

Tires suffer a lot of wear and tear due to driving and road conditions. Over months of driving on different road surfaces, tire treads wear down and alignment shifts. This contributes to lower gas efficiency, more upset to the car's suspension, brakes, and shocks, and increases the likelihood of needing more expensive maintenance. Getting tires inspected and rotated or changed will cure the need for this maintenance. Our dealership here at John Elway’s Crown Toyota in Ontario, CA, is skilled in discerning your vehicle's tire maintenance needs, providing peace of mind and confidence in your car's performance.

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