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When your check engine light comes on it can be quite alarming. Many people always think the worst and this is understandable. When a service light comes on, it could be something very simple. Often the check engine light comes on for minor reasons, but our dealership should check the vehicle at John Elway’s Crown Toyota Scion, in Ontario, CA, with our experienced staff.

Vehicles are designed and programmed to turn the service engine light on at a certain mileage or if a sensor needs to be replaced or for some other reason. Just because the driver might think it is going to be a costly repair, it is very probable that it is something very simple and easy for our technicians to fix cost effectively. It could be spark plugs or an O2 sensor or an airflow sensor. However, it is important to get the vehicle into the dealership so that the technicians can get the issue taken care of and to make sure that it is not a more serious issue.

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