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Toyota recently took its dedication to safety to new heights, and they recruited Discovery Education to help do so. Specifically, the Japanese automaker enlisted their aid in filming and airing a new documentary on the Discovery Channel. The piece is titled Life Behind the Wheel, and it aims to educate drivers on vehicle safety by outlining some rather shocking statistics.

For instance, did you know that roughly 70 percent of all child safety seats are not installed properly? That's not even the most shocking one. Vehicle crashes are actually the most common cause of death amongst teenager. And among that statistic, a growing portion of accidents are being caused by texting while driving. In fact, Toyota and Discovery Education found that a driver who's texting behind the wheel is between 8-23 times more likely to be involved in an accident. And finally, Toyota found that fatality rates per mile driven for 75-79 year-old drivers are more than four times as high as they are for drivers who are 30-59 years of age.

It all seems a bit grim, right? Perhaps, but the first part in changing these kind of issues is exploring them to their fullest. For instance, in knowing how much more likely elderly drivers are to crash, Toyota and MIT developed a new "empathy suit," which aims to bring some of the challenges that elderly drivers face to light.

And at the end of the day, we all know where this kind of extensive research leads. It can be found in the Toyota Star Safety System, which is standard in every new Toyota sold. And if you'd like to experience the unparalleled safety that Toyota represents for yourself, then feel free to arrange a test drive here at 1201 Kettering Drive Ontario, CA 91761 by contacting us online or by phone at (877) 387-5376.

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