We’re excited to announce the second annual Toyotathon Shareathon Program!

The holidays are a time for sharing. So this year, from December 12-21, Toyota is rewarding those who use social media to do just that-share.

If you get a new Toyota during Toyotathon and tweet a simple pre-canned message to your followers, you can earn a prepaid debit card worth $500. Each time your followers retweet it, you get another $50 (up to $1000) and they get entered to win a new Prius!

Stop in today at John Elway's Crown Toyota located in The Ontario Auto Mall and visit our Exclusive Prius Eco Zone, save thousands on a new 2011 Prius and enter to win even more!

For more information, Click Here to view The Official Shareathon Site or Click Here To Watch a great YouTube Video explaining the program!


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