Sales (Used) - Lake Elsinore, CA

My husband & I got to the dealership around 12:30 and met Tony Pouria as our Sales Rep. Tony had a wonderful vibe about him. He had no problem showing us all the different trucks and informing us about all the differences with the trucks. He was super helpful and was so educated with financing. After picking out our brand new 2014 Toyota Tacoma 4X4, I learned that Tony had only been with the Toyota dealership for 3 days! (could have fooled me!) I also learned that he had been in the business for over 20 years handling financing. When we came down to the financing and contracts, Tony never left our side. ( Even after he was off the clock for over 3 hours) Tony sat there and explained EVERYTHING to us. We signed papers with Ruben who was also very helpful in informing us of GAP protection & all the other bells & whistles. He helped give me a break down of all my maintenance that was going to be needed. Ruben was amazing in every way possible... (Except, liking the Raider, Go Packers!!=) After finishing up with Ruben, Douglas approached us with our owners manual. Douglas taught us how to hook in our son's car seat and how to connect our Bluetooth. Gave us a full run down of the amazing truck we just bought. I really was impressed that Douglas was extremely kind and also made sure to be a coach to Tony on how to do everything with our truck also. ( GREAT teamwork)!! All in All, I loved everyone that worked with us, there was a few other people in between that said hi, gave us waters and really made us feel that we made the right choice, going to John Elway's Crown. Thank you everyone! Glad to be about of the Toyota family of Crown ~Alley & Greg~
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Sales (Used) - Los Angeles, CA

I was inquiring about a used, pre-certified car that I saw online. Doug Gregson, from the Internet Team, contacted me to help with any questions or concerns I had. He was very helpful over the phone; providing me all the information regarding financing and more details regarding the car I was considering to buy.
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Service - Pomona, CA

Vanessa has been very helpful and provides the best prices around easily beating Claremont Toyota. She even arranged for an early shuttle for me. She is bright and cheerful as well. Thank You!!!!
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Sales (New) - Fontana, CA

I bought a car back in 2012 and this new purchase today was by far the best experience i've had with them. if i was blown away the first time, they out did themselves this time. I did the shopping around and there's no other dealer that's going to give you a better deal than crown Toyota. From the service dept to the sales manager and everyone who was involved, THANK YOU! Justin Sebring and Gavin, You guys rock! When I decide to buy another vehicle, I know where i'll be going. Thank you again everyone from Ontario Crown Toyota. :)
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Sales (Used) - Anaheim, CA

Jose Solis is a very pleasant young man who made me feel comfortable and listened too. When the vehicle I had first looked at turned out not to suit my needs he went out of his way to find a car for me, even looking at vehicles that were not yet ready for viewing. Turns out, the last one we looked at was just what I wanted. The other people at the dealership were all very nice and showed a lot of patience with an "Old Ladies" questions. Only 2 complaints: 1. I had to wait a very long time to get the paperwork completed. I spent over 2 hours in 2 different departments. Considering there were not many customers, that I could see, I think it should be a quicker process. Especially, since the process had begun the day before. 2. I have to take the blame for this second complaint. Although, Jose showed me where the spare tire was, I failed to ask about the jack and tire iron and he did not make sure to show me how to remove the tire. When I got home, I asked my son to find them, and we couldn't. They could be in the vehicle and we're not seeing them. I will go back to the dealership tomorrow and find out. All-in-all, this was a great experience. No pressure and lots of positive feeling. I would certainly recommend this dealership to friends and family.
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Sales (New) - Ontario, CA

I had the pleasure of being helped by Justin Sebring as I was looking for a new Toyota Tacoma I gave my specs of what I wanted and Justin landed it on the first one, pulled out the right truck for me. The process was quick and in a mater of short time I was out in my new truck. I give this dealer and this employee a great review all around for making me a satisfied customer. Thank You Justin.
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Sales (New) - Los Angeles, CA

I went to several different dealerships before winding up at crown Toyota where Doug immediately came to help me with my many questions I had. I had no idea what I wanted yet and even with being extremely vauge Doug was extremely patient and helpfull every step of the way helping me finance my very first car between running and explaing every aspect of my credit report to driving down to my credit union 10 miles away to help me finalize my paperwork and then staying several hours late to make sure every little detail went perfectly, it showed that he was the most professional salesman at a already very good dealership and really enjoys doing his job I would reccomend any Toyota lover to him or anyone buying a certified preowned as well since I actually decided on the 08 Infiniti G35s which I got an amazing deal on and absolutely love.
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Sales (Used) - Las Vegas, NV

As a first time driver, I had an excellent time here at John Elway's Crown Toyota! I had Michael Rios as my seller. Michael was extremely attentive, very supportive, and incredibly patient. He ensured that all of our needs were taken care of and that we were satisfied. I definitely recommend him and John Elway's Crown Toyota!
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Sales (Used) - San Bernardino, CA

I had bought a new Scion Xd at John Elway's Crown Toyota/Scion in November 2011 and had a great experience with Michael Rios in sales so I looked online for a used Prius C and contacted Michael Rios for help Tuesday 4/7. He came in on his day off Wednesday 4/8 and worked with me on my used car purchase. I was in and out within 3 hours max. I got the car I wanted and a great rate and payment. Thank you Crown Toyota for having great employees like Michael Rios Sales and Ray Finance Manager who make car purchases a much more enjoyable experience.
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Sales (Used) - Chino Hills, CA

Doug was very friendly and had a lot of patience, in helping my wife and I purchase a car. He came and checked on my family and I often, while we were waiting to sign the papers. Doug is the reason you want to go to a dealership. So open, and concerned with how the whole process is going. I'd definitely recommend Doug to all my family and friends.
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