Toyota's Human Support Robot Could be the First in a Line of Mobility Products

Toyota's two new research and development locations are opening this month in Cambridge, MA and Silicon Valley, CA.

The Human Support Robot (HSR) demonstrated above is an example of the types of projects we can expect to see come out of the Toyota Research Institute. Their primary goals are to develop robotics and artificial intelligence to improve driving accessibility, and implement mobility solutions for the home, as well.

HSR's function is simple: it picks things up, and puts them back down again. This ability could be of great assistance to seniors and people with disabilities who

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Toyota Give Research Wheels

At the 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Toyota is displaying a research vehicle based on the Mirai fuel cell vehicle which is equipped with satellite communications technology from Kymeta, a U.S.-based company that is the world’s leader in flat-panel antenna technology.
Toyota is working to enhance its connected technologies, including a plan to install a Data Communication Module into a broader range of its vehicles. The company is also considering…
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Toyota and The Salvation Army Bring Winter Boots To Families

As temperatures fluctuate this winter in Michigan, one thing for sure is snowy, icy and even cold rainy days are here through March and warm winter boots and socks are still  a "must have" in Michigan.  

To protect families from the cold, on Saturday, January 9, 2016, Toyota Motor North America through its "Toyota Walk In My Boots" community outreach project and the North American International Auto Show activities, for the fifth year, stepped in…
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2016 Toyota RAV4 Provides Inimitable Fun, Frugality

There's an all-new utility vehicle within the ranks here at John Elway's Crown Toyota Scion, and it's wasted absolutely no time in making its presence felt.

Known simply as the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, this is the eco-conscious cousin to our legendary compact crossover. And it's worth every moment of your time. See it for yourself in the clip below:

Beneath the SUV's snout a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, along with electric motors in the front and rear, holds court with a continuously variable transmission. They work in tandem to produce a very plenteous 194…

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The Toyota Sequoia Commands The Road (And Just About Everything Else)


The #Sequoia has the power to take you exactly where you want to be. #LetsGoPlaces

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Although there are plenty of large vehicles out there, few boast the muscle, competence, and overall spaciousness of a seven- to eight-seat SUV. Fortunately, Toyota has the Sequoia to fill that gap. Designed with power, versatility, and spaciousness in mind, it's the perfect large SUV for you and your family.

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Calling all Young Artists: the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Has Begun

There’s something about the smell of a fresh box of crayons, a newly sharpened pencil and the sound of either moving across a page. Creatives can lose themselves for hours on the blank page, making their imaginations come to life.

The 10th annual Toyota Dream Car Art Contest was recently announced, and kids and teens from all across the world will participate in this exciting event.

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Toyota Motor Corporation's New Company Might Just Change the World

Toyota has always been an early adopter and innovator of new technology, at least when it comes to green vehicles, like the Toyota Mirai.

However, to keep up with the speed of a rapidly changing technological landscape, Toyota is ready to make some major investments in research and development.

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) will be led by robotics expert, Dr. Gill Pratt. Using his expertise…

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Toyota and Lexus Dominate the Worry Free Index

If the prevalence of automotive reliability and dependability studies are any indication, consumers care a lot about how well their cars will hold up. It's easy to see why: The average car on the road is a record 11.5 years old, according to IHS Automotive. That's more than enough time for an unreliable choice to ravage your finances.

Surveys have shown that when it comes to buying a car, shoppers still want…
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Camry Hybrid Batteries Work Together to Turn the Lights On

Can your car battery power your house?

If it's a hybrid car, maybe it can.

Hybrid batteries have a much higher demand on them than regular car batteries. Your typical gasoline vehicle's battery is only responsible for a few things; start-up, and stabilizing voltage.

A hybrid battery, on the other hand, must be strong enough to power a motor, and actually move the car forward.

It's no wonder then, that after a battery's power has faded to the point that it can't adequately power a motor, it still has plenty of life left in it…

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